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The Hirshhorn Museum’s ARTLAB+ program gets local DC teens involved in art. For their event tomorrow, “Teenagers Are Taking Over The Hirshhorn,” they directly used Facebook to promote the event and invite participants. See their Facebook invite. So far, they have 73 attending, 134 maybe attending, and 464 fans who are awaiting. (more…)

Enabling project staff to update and post new site content prevents bottlenecks. Just as this June 24, 1959 evening rush hour traffic jam on Chicago’s Congress Expressway caused bottlenecks, so can webmasters who are responsible for posting web content. Allowing authors and project staff to post directly to a web site can bypass the bottleneck.

Implementing content management software can overcome the hassles of dissemination. Content management software can take the frustration out of disseminating educational information by streamlining the web publishing process. Problem It’s difficult to find a sensible and sustainable way to distribute up-to-date educational information to users via a web site. Solution Content management software is a

Teaching guides help educators master your material. Problem You need to help educators use the material in the classroom or with individuals. Solution Provide an online educator’s guide for the material. These guides can be web pages, or printable PDF format. Discussion The guide should include an outline of the curriculum and themes, specific educator-focused