Overview of dissemination

Implementing content management software can overcome the hassles of dissemination.

Content management software can take the frustration out of disseminating educational information by streamlining the web publishing process.


It’s difficult to find a sensible and sustainable way to distribute up-to-date educational information to users via a web site.


Content management software is a reliable tool for disseminating fresh information to web site visitors. Specifically, it provides the solution for a number of publishing and dissemination challenges, including: the cost and ineffectiveness of relying on a Webmaster to post content to a site; coordinating the efforts of multiple authors in different locations; authors’ lack of technical expertise; the expense of maintaining a website; access and security issues relating to confidential data; data loss due to equipment failure or natural disasters; accumulating outdated content; the expense of designing a web site; organizing web content for ease of use by visitors; adapting content to meet the needs of users; and regularly updating the site to keep the content fresh.


Content management software acts as a bridge between web designers, who generally have a wealth of technical knowledge but who aren’t content experts, and project staff, who have a thorough understanding of the educational material but who typically aren’t technically savvy.

By utilizing an easily learned, straightforward web interface, content management software empowers authors and staff to publish content directly to a web site. This streamlines the process of web publishing, allowing multiple authors to work collaboratively on site content and making it possible for materials to be posted to the site and updated regularly.

Content management software also lowers the overall cost of launching and maintaining a site. The use of templates, as well as the use of organization and publishing tools, means that there is less reliance on a Webmaster to coordinate every aspect of web publishing. Likewise, there is less need for a staff member to act as a liaison between the project and the Webmaster.

The tools incorporated into content management software enable projects to more effectively communicate with their target audiences. Effective site organization means that users will find the site easy to navigate, while mechanisms for publishing multiple versions of content allow for tailored content to be delivered to the individual user. Archival tools help projects regularly prune a site of outdated information, and search tools ease the process of finding current, relevant information.

Finally, content management software can help address potential problems with data security and data loss.

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