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NASA LogoNASA redesigned their web site, with a magnificent failure of design by committee. It is a failure of content (eliminated the most interesting details about the science and engineering), a failure of organization (poorly consolidated types of content, such as multimedia and interactive features), and failure of implementation (site does not resize for small-screen smart phones, and failed to make popup menus work correctly on tablets). (more…)

Implementing a web-based content management system helps keep your site fresh. Since we are not all born technical geniuses, we often rely on other to update our sites… a recipe for stagnation and delay. Problem It’s so difficult to update web content that the site becomes stale and visitors don’t return. Solution A web interface

Organizing content into a logical system makes your site easier to navigate. Pointing users in the right direction is critical to delivering relevant information to users. This signpost from the M*A*S*H television series let the 4077th know which way was home. Problem Your website is difficult for users to navigate, making it next to impossible

Organizing material for multiple navigation methods appeals to a variety of learning styles. Problem You need to organize the content of your web site. Solution Design the site so it can be navigated several different ways, but choose an overall organizational model that fits the subject. There are several approaches from which to choose: Organize

Organizing thumbnail images to increase ease of use. Problem You need to let a user choose among a set of disorganized thumbnails. Solution Use one of the following four methods to increase readability and ease of use: Ordered grid. If you lay thumbnails out within a strictly ordered grid, they will become more manageable. Animated