Classroom guides

Teaching guides help educators master your material.


You need to help educators use the material in the classroom or with individuals.


Provide an online educator’s guide for the material. These guides can be web pages, or printable PDF format.


The guide should include an outline of the curriculum and themes, specific educator-focused overview of the sections of the material, and additional sources. It should be obvious to educators how they might use the material with their intended audience.

A lesson plan can vary widely in structure, but may include: a summary of major understandings; essential questions; key knowledge objectives; key skill objectives; a listing of primary and secondary sources; and suggestions for assessments (assignments and quizzes).

Many educators will lack robust knowledge about the material on your web site. Therefore, include professional development resources with the educator’s guide to provide additional academic background for those who want to gain greater knowledge of underlying concepts. Professional learning is critical because educators must feel confident with the material if they are to teach it well.

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