Expense of maintaining a website

Utilizing common tools and hosting solutions can minimize web site expenses.

The technical complexities of running web servers can be costly – but you do not need to do it yourself.


Hosting and maintaining a website is expensive and can be cost-prohibitive for many projects.


Utilize remote hosting and a content management software program that will keep the website running at a minimal cost.


Hosting and maintaining a website involves hardware and software costs, as well as the expense of personnel to design the site and update its content. This has a negative impact on a project’s human and financial resources.

In contrast, content management software (CMS) can provide customizable template designs and a web-based user interface that results in a professional looking website. In addition, remote hosting allows for a well maintained website infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re not using CMS, you can still save money:

  1. Leverage your investment by conceptualizing your future needs as well as your immediate needs. If the framework for expansion modules is incorporated during a web site’s initial design, for example, the site can expand without incurring additional design expense.
  2. Know your Webmaster. Today, software is available that makes designing a simple web site relatively easy. Make sure that the designer you hire is the real thing, and has a proven track record with clients whose needs are similar to your own.

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