Expense of web design

Separating a site’s design from its content makes a re-design less costly.


It’s expensive to pay for the services of a web designer, and doubly expensive if you decide to change the site’s design at some point during the site’s life cycle.


Separate a website’s content, design, and structure, so the design can be changed without impacting the site’s content.


Just as fashion gives us limitless options for personal expression, there are a multitude of choices in website design to reflect your project’s purpose. Over time, it’s natural to want to change the look of your wardrobe and your web site. When your web content is fully integrated into your site’s design, however, it’s like hiring a Paris designer to hand-bead a couture evening gown – he must change each page of content manually. By keeping the structure and content of a site separate from its design, you can choose and change the design just as you would choose and change accessories for a particular outfit. You’ll pay much less for web design because the existing content will remain the same. You can buy off-the-rack, so to speak, without sacrificing style.

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