Site difficult to update

Implementing a web-based content management system helps keep your site fresh.

Since we are not all born technical geniuses, we often rely on other to update our sites… a recipe for stagnation and delay.


It’s so difficult to update web content that the site becomes stale and visitors don’t return.


A web interface that’s easy to learn enables project staff to update web content as often as desired.


Even if your web site has valuable content, users want new information on a regular basis. If project managers aren’t technically inclined, they typically have to rely on a web designer to post new content – which can lead to delays and frustration. With content management software (CMS), however, virtually anyone with web access can perform daily or weekly updates to the site, thereby keeping it fresh. In addition, forums, polls, and news management elements – all of which can help draw users – can be incorporated into the site and updated as frequently as desired.

Even if you don’t use CMS, you can still train staff members how to use basic html tags and provide them with html editing software so that they can make minor changes and updates to your site. You can also incorporate a “news” page with software that allows staff to publish daily updates using a web-based interface.

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