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A Hopi doll with painted headdress springs to life, spinning under my finger tips on a new iPad app from the University of Virginia Art Museum (UVaM).

The delightful app presents 19 different objects in 3D, to spin and zoom, providing an immediacy that rivals seeing an object in real life. In fact, it’s better in many ways than peering at an object through a protective case because the objects can be spun through a full 360°, view under bright lighting, at high resolution.

Personal exploration

The free app presents the mobile visitor with a grid of objects (below, left):


By manipulating models, visitors understand how components interact. (more…)

Incorporating interactivity that is purposeful.   Users perform knee surgery, understanding the process and steps. (EdHeads) Exploring the properties of ocean waves. (Pearson / Prentice Hall) Another exhibit, experimenting with ocean wave periods and amplitudes with a different interface. (National Geographic (Volvo Ocean Race)) Problem You need to explain how a process works. Solution Devise