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Reducing multidimensional data enables visitors to control what they see. (more…)

Displaying only selected data provides clarity and enhances discovery. Problem You need to display quantitative information about an image, such as calories of foods, carbon dioxide output per country, or the number of voters per state. Solution Display a fixed key alongside the image, and display or highlight relevant data as the visitor points at

Implementing a web-based content management system helps keep your site fresh. Since we are not all born technical geniuses, we often rely on other to update our sites… a recipe for stagnation and delay. Problem It’s so difficult to update web content that the site becomes stale and visitors don’t return. Solution A web interface

Organizing content into a logical system makes your site easier to navigate. Pointing users in the right direction is critical to delivering relevant information to users. This signpost from the M*A*S*H television series let the 4077th know which way was home. Problem Your website is difficult for users to navigate, making it next to impossible

Linking as a navigational aid. Problem You need to let visitors move to neighboring pages. Solution In addition to the other navigational tools on the page, add previous and next links. Discussion For ease of navigation, add a small arrow, or a bracket, such as “>” or “».” These links should be obvious, and placed

Organizing material for multiple navigation methods appeals to a variety of learning styles. Problem You need to organize the content of your web site. Solution Design the site so it can be navigated several different ways, but choose an overall organizational model that fits the subject. There are several approaches from which to choose: Organize

Enabling visitors to email a web page supports the user experience. Problem Visitors can’t easily share your site with others or archive its contents. Solution Add an “email this page” link to every page on the site, and allow visitors to add a brief note to the email. Discussion If you want to track how

Mimicking real-life knobs and switches enhances usability. Problem You need to make knobs on your site immediately obvious. Solution Use a consistent style of knobs. Discussion There are many styles of knobs, but the best designs are reminiscent of real-life knobs and switches, are convenient to use, and are similar to other widgets used on

A consistent button style aids navigation. Problem You need to make buttons on your site immediately obvious. Solution Use a consistent style for all buttons, which are objects on the screen that the visitor can click. Discussion Thousands of button designs appear around the Internet. Two common styles are to depict a slightly embossed shape

Enhancing navigation by marrying icons and text. Problem You need to make the icons on your site immediately obvious. Solution Except for a few concepts where icons are part of our common visual vocabulary (such as the travel icons at right), use text labels rather than icons. The icon or thumbnail can augment the text,