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As Tropical Storm Irene was passing up the East Coast, and tens of millions of Americans successfully prepared for the storm, FoxNews ran an op-ed piece, featured on their home page on 27-August, from the  Competitive Enterprise Institute. The CEI’s mission is “limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty.” Original is here. Aside from misleading criticisms, this essay overlooks that all private weather services use NWS data. Data from satellites and buoys, which requires massive supercomputers to process, and sophisticated expertise to analyze. (more…)

National security is a useful angle for presenting science, art and culture issues to disengaged or skeptical audiences.

Like any hook, such as sports or popular culture, military and national security themes broaden an audience for outreach. There are over 3.6M military personnel in the U.S., 1.9M spouses & kids of active duty members, and over 22M veterans, who also have families. (Stats on personnel & families, and veterans.)

There are several initiatives which are bridging the military world with the sciences and culture…