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A web-based CMS can overcome obstacles caused by geography and technology. Just as too many cooks can spoil the broth, without the proper tools, the collaboration process can break down among web content developers. Problem It’s difficult for multiple authors in different locations to effectively develop and post content to a website. Solution Using a

Enabling project staff to update and post new site content prevents bottlenecks. Just as this June 24, 1959 evening rush hour traffic jam on Chicago’s Congress Expressway caused bottlenecks, so can webmasters who are responsible for posting web content. Allowing authors and project staff to post directly to a web site can bypass the bottleneck.

Implementing content management software can overcome the hassles of dissemination. Content management software can take the frustration out of disseminating educational information by streamlining the web publishing process. Problem It’s difficult to find a sensible and sustainable way to distribute up-to-date educational information to users via a web site. Solution Content management software is a

Finding a sensible and sustainable way to provide web site visitors with fresh information is crucial. A mobile Guernsey, such as Minnie, is not a sensible way to distribute fresh milk. To be effective, educational projects need to find a sensible and sustainable method of disseminating fresh information to users. Educational projects have a wealth