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It is getting easier and cheaper for cultural and scientific organizations make mobile, handheld tours. According to Nielsen, 40% of Americans with mobile phones are carrying smartphones; of those 40% run Android, and 28% have an Apple iPhone. This is a huge market, and by 2012, approximately half your audience could use your app from the smartphone in their pocket. Or, you can loan iPod Touches to visitors on site.

Keeping it simple

Apps just need to be good enough. No need to get too fancy or reinvent the wheel. While custom apps run from $25-100k, many vendors will create an app for you for less than $25k, and some for well under $5k. This is a summary of the vendors offering apps for less than $25k at yesterday’s 3rd Museums & Mobile online conference. (more…)

WYSIWYG user interfaces enable non-technical personnel to publish site content. With a simple, web-based interface, project directors need not deal with complex, impenetrable code. Problem The design of the website may look wonderful, but the project director can’t effectively place or update online content. Solution A simple, web-based interface allows project directors and authors to

A web-based CMS can overcome obstacles caused by geography and technology. Just as too many cooks can spoil the broth, without the proper tools, the collaboration process can break down among web content developers. Problem It’s difficult for multiple authors in different locations to effectively develop and post content to a website. Solution Using a