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Author: Elisa Warner Utilizing a variety of project management strategies will help ensure success. Problem Some projects have clear objectives and goals while others’ end results are uncertain. Each type of project has its own set of management challenges. Solution Implement different project development methodologies based on project conditions and team size. Discussion Organizations should

Author: Elisa Warner Nonprofit organizations face special challenges in project development and management. Project management in the non-profit world carries unique challenges. While comparisons can be made to corporate teams, the unique structure of a non-profit creates special conditions for project leaders and supervisors. The non-profit leadership structure may create a divorce between project development

Enabling visitors to email a web page supports the user experience. Problem Visitors can’t easily share your site with others or archive its contents. Solution Add an “email this page” link to every page on the site, and allow visitors to add a brief note to the email. Discussion If you want to track how

Mimicking real-life knobs and switches enhances usability. Problem You need to make knobs on your site immediately obvious. Solution Use a consistent style of knobs. Discussion There are many styles of knobs, but the best designs are reminiscent of real-life knobs and switches, are convenient to use, and are similar to other widgets used on

A consistent button style aids navigation. Problem You need to make buttons on your site immediately obvious. Solution Use a consistent style for all buttons, which are objects on the screen that the visitor can click. Discussion Thousands of button designs appear around the Internet. Two common styles are to depict a slightly embossed shape

Enhancing navigation by marrying icons and text. Problem You need to make the icons on your site immediately obvious. Solution Except for a few concepts where icons are part of our common visual vocabulary (such as the travel icons at right), use text labels rather than icons. The icon or thumbnail can augment the text,

Developing user-centered interfaces for increased accessibility. Problem You need a web interface that is accessible to all types of users. Solution Use universal techniques for ease of navigation. Discussion Much has been written about human-computer interaction and the importance of the user interface. The overall key is to be “user-centered.” When designing your web site,

Organizing thumbnail images to increase ease of use. Problem You need to let a user choose among a set of disorganized thumbnails. Solution Use one of the following four methods to increase readability and ease of use: Ordered grid. If you lay thumbnails out within a strictly ordered grid, they will become more manageable. Animated

Bringing 3D images to life through animation. Problem You can’t adequately show a 3D object or scene on your web site. Solution Allow the visitor to rotate, spin, or navigate a 3D world on screen, using one of two techiniques: Pre-render. You can make a pre-recorded animation in the form of movie clip; use an

Enlarging images to provide visitors with more detail. Problem A computer monitor has low resolution, which can make detail difficult to see. Solution Allow visitors to zoom into an image using one of the following methods: An enlarge button. An easy method is to put a small “Enlarge” button next to an image. In current