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Repurposing material for a new medium. Problem You need to adapt a real experience into a virtual experience. Solution Rather than adapt the experience as a whole, instead plan on repurposing much of the material into a different structure. Discussion During the formative years of the Internet, print, radio, and television were quick to adapt

Encouraging epiphanies through interactive web content. Problem You need to choose what to put online. Solution Focus on topics that are hard to explain using words alone, but that come to life with interactivity and multimedia. Discussion Designing effective content is as much a matter of what you don’t say, as what you do say.

Integrating search concepts into web design enables visitors to find relevant information. Problem Visitors must wade through extraneous information to find relevant content, or your web site is not picked up by search engines. Solution In addition to making the content of your web site available through remote and local search engines, integrate central search

Author: Elisa Warner Delineating areas of responsibility for board members can help avoid leadership conflicts. Problem Leadership conflicts arise between an association’s staff and the organization’s board of directors. Solution Ensure that the organization’s board members clearly understand the roles and responsibilities associated with their position. Discussion While new board members accept their positions with

Author: Elisa Warner Permitting respectful disagreement heads off larger conflicts. Problem An open exchange of ideas is crucial to organizational growth and development. However, disagreements between individuals can lead to interpersonal conflicts that can create an unpleasant environment and reduce an organization’s effectiveness. Solution Create a team culture that embraces differences and gives members permission

Author: Elisa Warner Implementing a strategic plan gives an organization focus and flexibility. Problem Without a strategic plan, a non-profit organization can drift from its mission and underserve its stakeholders. Solution Design and implement a strategic plan. Discussion Strategic planning presents an opportunity for an organization to examine its mission and set goals for the

Author: Elisa Warner The success or failure of a project often lies in the transition from idea to action. Problem New projects can become bogged down in the process of moving from an idea to an end product. Solution Organize the project development process by crafting a mission statement, prioritizing tasks, and evaluating team performance.

Author: Elisa Warner Allowing team members to play to their strengths sets the foundation for a successful project. Problem Ineffectively managing a team of individuals with different personalities and working styles can result in unnecessary challenges and lead to the failure of a project. Solution Successfully manage a project by structuring project meetings and tasks

Author: Elisa Warner Trusting and supporting your tech team helps them to achieve collaborative goals. Problem Although your technical knowledge is limited, you must effectively manage a group of technical professionals. Solution Earn the respect of your team by utilizing your unique perspective and abilities, while acknowledging your limitations. Help your team to shine by

Author: Elisa Warner Supporting creative differences through leadership can help a project reach its potential. Recognizing that enthusiasm is a more powerful motivator than coercion, most managers adopt the style of a coach rather than a dictator. Problem While managing a team project, it’s sometimes difficult to maintain structure without alienating staff or stifling creativity.