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Since spring 2010, this blog has covered all kinds of outreach topics, from museums to mobile devices to ebooks to blog networks. The most popular articles have been about strategic communications and QR Codes. These articles were written by Michael Douma, and many were long-form articles, based on multiple interviews or new analysis.

Now, we’re going to try something new. IDEA curates a Twitter feed @idea_org, with a variety of interesting articles in the mainstream press as well as independent bloggers. We’re going to start publishing little blog bites for your convenience. These will be small summaries of selected articles from our Twitter feed.

This will bring you more articles and a wider diversity of views. Technology is impacting education faster than ever. Are mobile apps going to make museums obsolete, or more relevant? Will massive-enrollment classes destroy traditional education, or reinforce the importance of personal one-on-one interactions between teachers and students? Is the PC dead, and are tablets really any good for learning? There are so many new questions, and so little clarity.

As with many things we do at IDEA, this is an experiment, and we’ll see if this next chapter of this blog is interesting to our readers.

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