Comparing data or images

Creating an online environment that fosters discovery.


The sun in Monet’s “Impression Sunrise” is oddly vivid due to a curious visual phenomenon. Users explore this phenomenon by varying color saturation and brightness.


A web site that offers only text does not encourage visitors to delve deeper into the subject matter.


Create an e-learning environment that allows visitors to make their own discoveries through analyzing data.


By allowing users to compare data and images, your web site encourages visitors to question, explain, and make decisions about the subject matter presented. Instead of simply reading about it, they’re involved in actually doing it. This increases users’ understanding of the material, and allows them to see connections to other, seemingly unrelated, knowledge and experiences.

Comparing data and images can be incorporated into your site through virtual devices and experiences; comparing views of the same item; viewing a sequence; contextual captions; animated keys; multiple views of data; and color coding.

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