IDEA launches new blog

This is the first post from IDEA’s new blog. This blog tackles the challenge of  boosting the general public’s literacy in science, culture and the arts through various lenses, such as  business models, communications policies, social media, new technologies and interactive experiences.

The focus of ths blog will evolve over time. We will bring you both a curated collection of links on the net, and new articles and analyses.

Importantly — we encourage reader participation, and want you to contribute your comments, suggest article ideas, or contribute posts.

The blog also contains older content from the IDEA web site, including a back catalog from IDEA’s Journal of Interaction Recipes, which was intermittently published online between 2005-2007, providing practical advice about the ways that web-based learning and technological tools can spur learners of all ages to follow their curiosity, to interact with educational materials, and to intuitively assimilate information.

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