Flash displays incorrectly in browsers on Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty

Author: Sean Liu


Flash does not display correctly in browsers on Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty.


Setup WindwsXP in VMWare on Ubuntun 7.10 Gusty.


The solution looks a bit far from the problem. Before deciding to use VMWare, I tried:

  • Firefox, install flash-nonefree plugin for firefox
  • upgrading Firefox to
  • use Firefx 3.0
  • upgrading my Ubuntu
  • Konqueror (I use gnome desktop, so no settings menu item to install flash plugin)
  • Opera

Finally, I decided to install VMWare 1.0.4 Server, and a WindowsXP image. I did by:

You might meet two special situations:

  • bridge vmware connection to your wireless connection: you might meet situation as – http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-285846.html in which krnlpanik’ solution is ok. But that post was in 2006, madwifi source code structure changed a lot, I modified on an older version My madwifi works fine now.
  • ISO format incompatible: vmware cannot install my Windows XP iso image made by “mkisofs -o disk.sio WINDOWSXP_DIRECTORY”, I did not try to fix this problem. I just install from my cdrom.

Sean is a programmer at IDEA.

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