Initial thoughts & plans for going online

Enhancing the learning experience by correctly using online tools.


Although classroom teaching has its limitations, you are concerned that online teaching sacrifices quality or that it provides refuge for underperformers.


Tap into resources that allow educators to measure their current skills and competencies against those related to successful online teaching in order to adopt practices that will help you and your students succeed.


Adding online components to teaching can amplify and enrich the learning experience, and can accomplish a number of goals. Although instructors are faced with time constraints, online interaction between the instructor and student can streamline classroom time and enhance learning. Even if asynchronous, online communication between teacher and student creates a level of interactive teaching and learning seldom possible in a classroom serving more than a few students.Likewise, the use of tools such as discussion and message boards, virtual classrooms, guided assessments, case studies, and simulation exercises add value to the educational experience by enabling students to take greater control of what and how they learn. Teachers can mentor those experiences in ways that are simply not possible in a large group setting during a designated hour together.Institutions can fulfill a number of objectives by adding online elements to the learning environment. They can, for example, add to the diversity of the student body by making resources – such as entire courses, library facilities, and special events – available to students not physically located on campus. Likewise, they can enhance their reputation for open access to learning and, when balanced with learning objectives, increase their revenue stream with tuition and fees for distance learning. Institutions can also stretch their resources by using technology to bridge the gap when direct personal contact is expensive or impossible. Teachers, like students, may be either more effective or less effective online than they are in person. Those who understand the capabilities of the technology can help newcomers understand how they can maintain desired levels of contact and support for their students, and, indeed, how they can enhance the learning experience.

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