Vignettes and clips

Capturing interest with personal comments.


You need to lend a sense of context and mood to your web site.


Add a short audio clip that incorporates a personal recount or reflection. Include volume control, play/pause, and restart options.


Personal comments are invariably more interesting and engaging that factual monologues. A simple phrase like, “I didn’t know that all the hidden sugars I was eating made my diabetes worse,” comes to life if delivered by an engaging speaker. Use voice-over to provide context, rather than to instruct. It can be difficult to write concise copy for a script. Keep in mind that real dialogue is very colloquial, and when two speakers talk, they rarely say more than two sentences without interruption. Be sure that the audiovisual is highly relevant to the content, rather than used gratuitously.

The following are some examples of how different media types can effectively lend depth and interest. Audio clips can illustrate the setting for a story, the sound of rain and storms, and the sound of snoring. A video can reveal body language or subtle movements. If using video to illustrate a phenomenon, such as an explosion or a dancer twirling, allow the visitor to control the timeline, so they can dissect the action frame by frame.

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