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Technological tools can routinely prune obsolete web site content. Problem As a website grows, it tends to accumulate outdated content that detracts from the site’s effectiveness. Like wilted sunflowers, outdated content can detract from the attractiveness and usefulness of your web site. Solution Content management software allows a project to set content expiration dates and

Bringing 3D images to life through animation. Problem You can’t adequately show a 3D object or scene on your web site. Solution Allow the visitor to rotate, spin, or navigate a 3D world on screen, using one of two techiniques: Pre-render. You can make a pre-recorded animation in the form of movie clip; use an

Tailoring information adds value to the user’s experience. Educational materials that attempt to meet the needs of everyone often meet the needs of no one in particular. Tailoring replaces the cookie cutter approach by personalizing content and increasing relevance. Many educational efforts suffer from a problem of relevance. For example, math teachers may struggle to