Month: March 2006

Globalized commerce and communications requires precision timekeeping. IDEA designed and produced National Clocks for the U.S.A. and Malaysia. Aesthetically appealing, web-based interfaces allow users to conveniently access their official national time – across different time zones if necessary. IDEA was an innovator in government web services — went online in 1999, and the Malaysian

Creating an atmosphere of discovery by allowing visitors to evaluate evidence. Problem You want to explain a multi-faceted problem and have visitors evaluate the evidence. Solution Develop a series of web pages, on which they are directed to note their opinion about each piece of evidence and analyze the problem. If, for example, your site

Online communities can take many forms, and add depth and breadth to your site. Problem You want to create an online community that adds value to your site. Solution The Internet offers the opportunity to create virtual communities using a range of technologies, including blogs, forums, and guest books; email lists; page comments; ratings; and

Asking specific questions, whether rhetorical or data-driven, can supplement your site’s content. Problem You want to expand your web content by drawing on the unique knowledge of your visitors. Solution Invite visitors to share information about highly specific questions, such as, “How has the habitat in your community changed over the years?” Discussion Incorporate into

Developing community while avoiding chaos. Problem Although the dynamic and database capabilities of web servers can encourage a sense of community, many approaches lead to abuse or misuse, including irrelevant and otherwise inappropriate content. Solution Draw on the unique knowledge and experience of your visitors in specific ways that serve to enhance your site’s content.