Who we are

IDEA is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the public’s knowledge of science and culture. IDEA was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2002. Our full corporate name is the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement. We fund our operations with income from membership fees, products and services, advertising, sponsorships, and collaborations.

Forward-thinking. Results-driven.

IDEA strives to enhance the very ways people think and learn, both within and outside of the realm of formal education. IDEA’s projects and programs spur learners of all ages to follow their curiosity and apply critical thinking skills to virtually any topic, while meeting learners where they are – increasingly, on the Internet and mobile devices.

As people consume vast amounts of information through ever-newer communication technologies, some of the most important issues facing our society are getting short shrift. IDEA helps fill the gap by pinpointing and developing technologies that promote deceleration and contemplation and provide learning spaces for in-depth exploration, while incorporating the best practices of museums, publishers, software developers, and research labs to deliver a variety of programs via the web and mobile devices that are inexpensive or free to the public.

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  • Our programs, which incorporate innovative technology, human talent, and a passion for education.
  • Our team, which draws on diverse backgrounds to design and implement strategies to enrich learning.