Virtual exhibits

Like a physical museum, online exhibits present a perspective that’s a step back from headline-driven news and fast-paced television shows. However, unlike a physical museum, an online exhibit is available at your fingertips.

IDEA’s WebExhibits was launched in 1999 as one of the first online museums. Drawing nine million visitors each year, WebExhibits is an interactive, online museum of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, humanities, and culture. WebExhibits taps into experts’ knowledge and technology’s potential to create a rich, immersive experience that incorporates narratives, descriptions, maps, photos, video, and audio. This information, along with interactive virtual experiments and hands-on activities, prompts visitors to think, to formulate questions, and to explore topics from a variety of angles. In addition to spurring the informal learning process, WebExhibits also supports structured educational efforts.

  • WebExhibit’s success has led to collaborations with institutions around the world. Learn more about IDEA’s collaborations.