With SpicyNodes, information can be more interesting, visually engaging, and interactive. SpicyNodes grew from IDEA’s quest to display online knowledge in a way that mimics how people interact with information in the real world.

Launched on the Web in 2006, SpicyNodes’ tree structure represents information using interconnected "nodes" in a virtual space. This enables visitors to quickly glance at large volumes of information and see how each piece relates to others around it, and then quickly drill down for more detail. This approach is particularly appealing to nonlinear and visual learners.

SpicyNodes can be used for a variety of purposes, including site maps, content portals, mind maps, and data visualization. The SpicyNodes community has generated more than 200,000 nodemaps, most of which are freely shared.

• Check out the web-based version of SpicyNodes

• See SpicyNodes implemented in the Daylight Saving Time WebExhibit

• See SpicyNodes implemented in the Poetry Through the Ages WebExhibit

Going mobile

IDEA is in the process of reinterpreting SpicyNodes for multi-touch tablet devices. Designed to be even more intuitive, SpicyNodes for the iPad will make interaction personal and relevant, and will pave the way for creative expression. Coming Fall 2013.