Other programs

IDEA has a few other interesting, and older projects:

Educational Resources

Teachers already use technology in the classroom, but IDEA offers innovative approaches and technologies that facilitate the exchange of meaningful information. Teachers can use our WebExhibits teacher’s guides or lesson plans using concept maps with SpicyNodes.

Vision Simulations

You can try the Color Vision tool yourself by selecting an image and choosing a color blindness or cataract simulation. In the process, you can gain an understanding of why it’s important to design web sites that are accessible to people with these vision problems.

National Clocks & Time

These public service websites provide visitors with the precise time in their part of the world. When time is of the essence, and when time is money, IDEA’s innovation provides it to within one second. More »

Health Information

The first web site of its kind, IDEA’s ProstateCalculator.org provides an online prognosis for those with prostate cancer. On the basis of valid neural network models, users receive valuable information backed by scholarly research. More »

Research & Development

IDEA investigates new ways for people to interact with information and computers. By building upon the current body of knowledge about information and learning, IDEA explores and implements methods that enable techology to better serve people.

Journal of Interaction Recipes

From 2005-2008, IDEA published the online Journal of Interaction Recipes, which provided practical advice on using web-based learning and technological tools to engage learners of all ages. These articles are now archived as part of our blog.