Month: June 2006

Bridging the information gap one step at a time. Problem Increasing access to information for hard-to-reach populations is critical to enabling them to overcome obstacles to education and development. Solution Although the distribution and implementation of information technology is a complex effort happening on many fronts, there are many success stories from which individuals and

Properly implementing learning technologies benefits teacher and student alike. Problem: It’s difficult to avoid the pitfalls inherent in implementing technology-assisted learning. Solution: Clarify the goals and objectives of an online education program prior to its implementation, and ensure that quality is not compromised. Discussion: The temptation to think of technology-assisted learning as an inherently good

Enriching teacher-student communication with online tools. Problem: The limitations of classroom teaching are too constricting. Time and resources don’t stretch far enough, and the quality of your interaction with students is too dependent on the mood of the classroom at the moment you are together. Solution: There are many potential tradeoffs and pitfalls to online

Enhancing the learning experience by correctly using online tools. Problem: Although classroom teaching has its limitations, you are concerned that online teaching sacrifices quality or that it provides refuge for underperformers. Solution: Tap into resources that allow educators to measure their current skills and competencies against those related to successful online teaching in order to