About IDEA

This is the place where big, bold, fresh ideas germinate, grow and flourish. IDEA fuses the best practices of museums, publishers, developers, and research labs with the latest technologies to deliver educational information that enhances scientific and cultural literacy.

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What’s New?

Mapping Information

SpicyNodes is a fresh way to look at information. We’ve developed a visual and interactive information display that gives people a quick glance at large volumes of information.

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Going Mobile

Apps have arrived. IDEA has developed three touchscreen apps and is poised to democratize the creation of apps based on concept mapping. By literally putting knowledge at people’s fingertips, we promote finding, exploring, and interacting with information.

Exploring interactivity

Since 1999, IDEA has played a pivotal role in the nexus of interactivity and education. In the Web’s earliest days, IDEA pioneered the virtual museum. WebExhibits features multidisciplinary topics that educate the public and demonstrate outside-the-box approaches to teaching. Our portfolio of color-related projects engage professionals, students, and the public.